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British Values

British Values

Rushden Academy statement on British Values

Rushden Academy is proud to serve its community. A fundamental part of this is in the promotion of British Values.  We recognise the multi-cultural, multi faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom and understand and embrace our role in ensuring groups or individuals are treated with mutual respect. 

Our academy community strives to challenge any form of discrimination or intimidation based on difference, and in ensuring individuals or groups are not open to radicalisation by those wishing to unduly, or illegally, influence them. 

Our academy is open to all those entitled to an education under British law. We actively promote equal opportunities, and do not discriminate against any individual or group based on faith, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, political views or financial status.  The rights of every individual will be upheld in line with the Equality Act 2010. 

The Government emphasised that schools are required to ensure that key 'Fundamental British Values' are taught in all UK schools, setting out its definition of British values in the ‘Prevent Strategy 2011’ as:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

These values underpin the culture and ethos of Rushden Academy and are evident through our curriculum, SMSC provision, Learning for Life Days, our wider pastoral support and provision - which includes the work of our academy based Ethos Team.  Additionally, these values underpin the delivery of our assembly programme by members of the Senior Leadership Team, the appointment and work of our active Student Leadership Team and Council as well as our extra-curricular provision.


We Value: 

  • A chance to have a say about our school
  • Opportunities to participate in discussion
  • Each other’s point of view

We Have: 

  • Elections for Student leadership
  • Student Council/ Student Forum
  • Student panels for staff interviews
  • Student feedback and student voice questionnaires
  • Freedom of speech and opportunities to express our views

We Learn:

  • Why we pay taxes and what these are used for
  • Current affairs and elections.

The Rule of Law

We Have: 

  • Rules and values which we agree and adhere to as an Academy
  • A bullying charter which all students sign and agree to
  • Agreed rewards and sanctions to ensure fairness and consistency

We Learn about:

  • Knife crime
  • Acid attacks
  • Hate Crime
  • Prison, Me? No Way!
  • The laws surrounding drugs, alcohol, smoking, and sexual consent
  • The law and young offenders
  • The criminal justice system
  • Gangs and county lines
  • Managing conflict successfully
  • We accept the consequences of our actions

Individual Liberty

We Have:

  • The right to hold our own viewpoint without being judged. 
  • The freedom to make choices, and recognise that we are accountable for all our actions.
  • Access to a broad curriculum of subjects and extra-curricular opportunities
  • We celebrate and appreciate our differences

We learn:

    • How to sustain a healthy lifestyle
    • How to plan for our futures
    • Careers and employability 
    • How to set personal goals and targets
    • How to express and manage our emotions 
    • How to evaluate sources to determine the reliability of information

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We Value: 

  • Treating others as we want to be treated
  • Respecting each other’s opinion
  • Our diverse culture of students and staff
  • Personal Identity, and diversity in British communities

We Learn:

  • How to have healthy relationships, online and offline
  • How to identify and prevent Radicalisation and extremism.
  • How to avoid Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination in relation to disability, sexuality, race, religion and gender
  • About different cultures, communities, and beliefs
  • How we can respect and celebrate British Values, within the Religion and Culture of our choice.

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