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Excellent school attendance is at the heart of progress and attainment. We encourage all our pupils to look to achieve a 100% attendance record each term.  But all pupils should seek to have the highest attendance they can possibly have as each and every day - learning is at the heart of what we do.

A pupil’s school attendance forms the very foundation of learning and personal success.

The Academy intervenes at different levels when a pupils’ attendance falls below 95%.

The table below provides an over view of attendance and what this means for a pupil’s likely progress and attainment as well as actions taken by the school and local authority.




97+% and above


A pupil should easily attain their target grades.  With many pupils achieving above expectation. Pupils with below average ability will achieve well above this 

95% - 96+% 

Expected attendance to school which is considered very good

The level of attendance expected by all pupils.  Pupils should attain their target grades with some achieving above expectations.  Pupils with below average ability should also succeed in achieving their target grades and possibly better.

92% - 94+%

Attendance needs to improve to 95% as this is below the National Average.

A pupil should achieve as expected but may miss out on the increased opportunities to achieve higher. There are likely to be key gaps missing in a pupil’s learning.

The Academy will notify parents of the need to improve attendance 

90% - 91+%

Well below average when set against the National Average of Secondary Schools in England and Wales

Most pupils will begin to struggle to achieve their target grades and are less likely to surpass them.  There is an increased likelihood of underachieving in certain cases.

The Academy will notify parents of their being a growing concern over their child’s attendance to school as they are at risk of becoming a persistent absentee.

Below 90%

Low attendance

Pupils will struggle to achieve target grades.  There will be a significant impact on the ability of less able students to achieve their target grades. There will also be significant gaps in their learning.

The Academy will set targets and Parental Contracts to help support a child in improving his or her attendance to school.  An attendance of below 90% is considered as PERSISTENT ABSENCE.

Below 85%

Very to extremely low attendance

A pupil is very likely to achieve well below their target grades.  There will be significant gaps in learning across all subjects. 

The Academy unless there are exceptional circumstances will refer individual cases to the Education and Inclusion Partnership Team at the Local Authority.

Parents are at risk of facing a Fixed Penalty Notice or possible court action over poor or non-attendance to school.

Our Heads of Year and tutors are key in helping support and encourage our pupils to attend school.  Excellent school attendance is recognised at the end of each term during Awards Assemblies. Gold certificates are provided to any pupil whose attendance is above 97%.  Those pupils who have 100% attendance are awarded with Platinum certificates.

Our current attendance policy can be found here.

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