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Our students are expected to wear school uniform and we seek the support and co-operation of our parents at all times in this.

We consider uniform is the most appropriate form of clothing for school wear. We believe it makes a real difference to the tone and atmosphere of our school if our students are neatly and appropriately dressed. Our students are expected to wear full uniform to and from school.

Our Academy uniform






Black and blue striped 

Available from Reception or Karl Sports 


White, with collar



TAILORED  Black Trousers to be worn.



Only available from school supplier PB Uniform Supplier (from £18.50)

Pleated or pencil grey checked school skirt 


Black leather formal footwear-  ALL LEATHER BLACK SHOE - NO CANVAS or MATERIAL

Uniform can be bought from this website:

PE/GAMES KIT - Boys and girls

For boys the compulsory items of PE uniform will be:

  • Outdoor Uniform
  • Reversible Rugby Shirt
  • Rushden Academy Shorts
  • Rushden Academy Football Socks
  • Football/ Rugby Boots
  • Gum Shield (for rugby)
  • Indoor Uniform
  • Rushden Academy T-Shirt
  • Rushden Academy Shorts
  • White Sports Socks

For girls the compulsory items of PE uniform will be:

  • Rushden Academy T-Shirt
  • Rushden Academy Shorts
  • Black Sports Leggings
  • White Sports Socks
  • Football/ Rugby Boots

Both girls and boys will be able to purchase the below optional items:

  • Rushden Academy Sweat Shirt
  • Rushden Academy tracksuit Bottoms

You can order your PE kit from Karl Sports

Outdoor clothing - hats, coats, gloves and scarves

  • Students should wear an outdoor coat during periods of cold or inclement weather. 
  • Hoodies do not meet the standard and are not allowed to be worn to school. 
  • Hats, gloves and scarves can be worn during periods of cold or inclement weather. 
  • All hats must be removed on entering any school building. 
  • Gloves and scarves must be removed on entering classrooms and only put back on when dismissed at the end of the lesson. 

Uniform FAQ

Can we wear boots?

No. Ugg boots and similar are not acceptable.

Can we wear leggings instead of trousers?

Absolutely not. Leggings are unacceptable.

Do we have to wear a blazer?

Yes. You can wear a black V neck jumper underneath, but you must still wear a blazer. Ideally, your blazer should have the school logo badge sewn onto the lapel.

Can we wear a jumper?

Yes, black V neck underneath your blazer, but not instead of a blazer.

Can we wear a hoodie?

Absolutely not. If you need to keep warm on the way to school you should wear a plain waterproof jacket or coat. It must not be worn around school.

Can we wear a baseball cap or a hat?

No. In really cold weather you may need a hat on the way to and from school, but you must not wear it in school.

Can we wear make-up?

  • All students are allowed to wear a small amount of make-up. 
  • Make-up should remain neutral and reflect skin tones. 
  • Students are not allowed to arrive to school wearing excessive make-up. Heads of Year reserve the right to request when make-up is deemed excessive for it to be removed. 

Can we wear false nails?

  • No false nails of unnatural length. Heads of Year should be informed in advance of any special occasion such as weddings or birthdays whereby a student is to have longer or designer false nails applied. All students who have nails of this type applied temporarily are required to present a note with a date as to when the nails will be shortened or removed. Students with elongated false nails may not be permitted to take part in certain activities/tasks due to health and safety issues. 
  • All students are allowed to wear nail varnish. However, rules surrounding food safety may require nail varnish to be removed.

Are there rules about hair styles?

No bright or un-naturally dyed hair. Hair colouring should remain close to natural.

What about piercings?

  • Students can wear a maximum of 2 stud earrings in each ear. No hoops or bars allowed. 
  • All other piercings are not allowed in school. These must be removed prior to arrival in school. 
  • Students who choose to have facial and/or other parts of the body pierced must have these completed at the start of the 6 week summer holiday in order for any  piercing other than in the ear to be removed prior to returning to the school in September.  

What about other jewellery?

  • A single discreet bracelet, bangle or wristband can be worn. 
  • A single discreet necklace can be worn beneath the shirt. 
  • A maximum of 2 rings can be worn. 
  • All items of jewellery must be removable and removed when requested in light of health and safety requirements.

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