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As Principal I am committed to this Academy’s transformation into the best secondary school in the area. This can and will be achieved by strong and determined leadership and excellent team-work required of all who work and learn here:  ‘Team Rushden’.

Students join ‘Team Rushden’ from the town and neighbouring localities in Northamptonshire, united by their strong desire to learn and work hard in order to reach their full potential. In partnership with our academy sponsor, we have high aspirations for all our students and know it is our responsibility to enable children to leave Rushden wiser, more fulfilled, and with greater choices in every area of their lives.

As Principal I demand the relentless pursuit of excellence and a focus on academic rigour. All staff are required, without compromise, to insist on outstanding behaviour by pupils and staff alike within a harmonious and respectful culture where pupils are happy and safe.
Every child is an individual and the curriculum must meet the needs of all. From day one in Year 7, every lesson is of critical importance across the academic curriculum. We must also nurture talent in the creative and performing arts and through our sports provision, and we give opportunities for leadership and personal development.

We share our values and ethos with
The Education Fellowship, encouraging our pupils to become confident, independent young adults. Competition is ingrained in our daily lives but it is balanced by compassion and respect for others.

I want all of our students to ‘Aspire, Explore and Succeed’ and take enormous pride leading this outstanding community. I look forward to welcoming you to Rushden Academy and speaking to you personally whilst touring the Academy; our best ambassadors are our students – come and meet them soon and hopefully you will also choose to join ‘Team Rushden’.

Mark Stenton

Rushden Academy

Executive Principal for The Education Fellowship

In September we promised to transform this Academy into a consistently good school that the children and young people of the town have a right to. Week by week we log that journey, here are some of the highlights:

Term 1

Week 1 – established Team Rushden values, ethos and expectations. Introduced lesson Walkabout and began scrutiny of all teaching.

Week 2 – introduced new Behaviour Policy and System. Held Meet the New SLT evening.

Week 3 – set values for zero-tolerance of bullying. Created Core Attendance Team. Established Prefects in all year groups.

Week 4 – finalised the Academy’s Statement of Action in line with OFSTED’s required timeline. This plan has been successfully qualified by OFSTED as ‘Fit for Purpose’ (letter received 31st October 2016).

Week 5 - Held Open Evening, introduced Non-negotiables and Reward Cards.

Week 6 – Began personalised individual mentoring for all Year 11 students through one-to-one meetings (to be rolled out across the Academy). All students signed anti-bullying charter, led by Prefects.

Week 7 - Concluded Performance Management of Teachers. Closed Term 1 having achieved Goal Number 1 of a much more focused Academy with Leaders having authority and positive discipline.

Dear Parents and Carers,

I write this editorial in the half-term break after an incredibly intense and rewarding first seven weeks as Principal of Rushden Academy. The new team and myself have relished every day and believe that each week has resulted in a significant step forward for the Academy.

Firstly I would like to thank all students. They are the true stars of Team Rushden and have fully embraced the new culture and ethos that we demand and passionately believe in: positive discipline, respectful behaviour, hard work, resilience and absolute respect to others. I see examples of the Team Rushden ethos every time I walk round the Academy and it is great to celebrate student success in our daily assemblies.

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