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Year 6 into 7
Year 6 into 7
Team Rushden Values
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2020 September Opening


I am delighted to welcome you to our rapidly improving school, Rushden Academy. We are part of a highly successful trust called Tove Learning Trust (TLT) and have excellent collaborative networks across the trust. Staff really enjoy working at Rushden Academy and our high staff retention figures demonstrate this fully.

Team Rushden are on the cusp of something great, our results are rapidly improving and our intake numbers are increasing. Visitors are impressed when they visit our school commenting on the strong Team Rushden values permeating across all aspects of school life. We have built a culture where together, students and staff are united in transforming our school.

We are proud of our achievements to date and regularly communicate this widely. There is a strong drive to excel in lessons and to behave respectfully towards each other and our community. We are proud of the curriculum that we have on offer, not only does it deliver the content pupils need to excel in today’s society but it also develops their imaginations.

Mrs Jane Burton, 
Rushden Academy

Behaviour and Rewards

At Rushden Academy our TEAM RUSHDEN VALUES underpin all that we do.


Pupils are rewarded for displaying positive learning behaviours both in class and around the Academy.  There are weekly Principal Awards for academic achievement and Vice Principal Awards for pastoral and personal achievement.

Departments also provide further recognition of pupil progress and achievement

At the end of each term the Academy hosts Achievement Awards for each Year Group. 

Every September, the Academy hosts their Annual Academy Awards Evening where we celebrate our pupil’s achievements and successes with parents.

When pupil behaviour falls below our expectations the Academy uses a simple and easily understood behaviour management system of ASK – TELL – CONSEQUENCE to ensure that pupil learning and progress always comes first.

To further support or values and expectations the Academy has also set out a range of our key foundations such as being in uniform, having a planner and equipment, pupils being punctual to lessons and ready to learn.  These key foundations we consider as ‘Non-Negotiables’.

Our current Behaviour and Exclusion Policy can be found here



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Rushden Academy is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
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